Friday, December 16, 2011

They Shootin-Y U Mad!

That's right, They are shooting, why are you mad?  Or are you really mad that cops didn't or aren't doing anything about it?  Lets break this down
  • Who is shooting?
  • Who are they shooting at?
  • What USA city street are they shooting on?
In case you didn't notice, I left a few questions out but before we move on, lets address the above questions. 
  • Who is shooting? Your son, brother, uncle, neighbor, neighbors son, or friends of these guys.
  • Who are they shooting at? Your son, brother, uncle, neighbor, neighbors son, or anyone in the direction of the bullet, including you and your family.
  • What USA city street are they shooting on? The one you are currently using your hard earned paychecks to pay taxes with. The one you grew up on, the one you park your car on, the one where you allow this type of foolishness to continue.
What do you want the cops to do about this problem......nothing from the sounds of some of the comments I have heard on the streets.  Well OK not nothing, but basically nothing.  These folks are out there shooting up and down city streets like it really doesn't matter.  Remember these folks do not have permits to carry firearms legally and are walking around your streets carrying guns.  Years ago, you asked the police to stop all of the drug dealing.  Most of your corner-boy dealing has stopped however that has led to a new problem....shootings.  When the cops were out the fighting the war on drugs, what were the parents of these shooters doing?  Did they take that opportunity to build up their families and neighborhoods that became somewhat safe again? Did people use that opportunity to leave kids at home unattended to fend for themselves?  Did parents really believe their problems were over?  The answers are alarming. 

OK the drug addicted population may be down however the gun addicted population is up. Why are these kids gun-addicts? Because maybe none of them were taught problem-solving skills.  Maybe their parents didn't have problem solving skills to teach?  All I know is none of these kids has problem solving skills except the notion that guns equal power and that's all they need to solve their problems is power.  Not brain-power just power, which is why school-bullying is on the rise. 

Where are the cops?  Maybe you ran them off when you sent them back in to curb this violence.  Ask yourself this:  If there is a rise in violence in my neighborhood and I ask the cops to come in and handle the problem, who are they sending in?  Its very easy to explain:
  • Someone well trained and educated.
  • Someone who has been trained with a gun.
  • Someone who has been trained with a taser.
  • Someone who has been trained with a baton(nightstick)
  • Someone who has been trained to use physical defensive tactics
  • Someone who is fearful of their own personal safety.
  • Someone who has a family of their own.
  • Someone you will complain about if they stop anyone you know but unfortunately they don't know.
  • Someone who is there to help you however does not have the knowledge of the community that you and your neighbors have.
  • Someone that really cares about what is happening in your neighborhood as well.
My point is, don't get mad when these knuckleheads are out there shooting, do something.  No one is asking you to be Superman however you have to get involved.  There are so many ways to remain anonymous and report tips, if you really cared.  Just do something.  I really wonder if more people in neighborhoods plagued with violence were more visibly involved with the cops, would the violence decrease? Next time someone yells "They shootin" you'll know "Y U Mad".

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dr. Watson's CyberOffice: Strokes

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Philly needs inner city youth!

The folks of Occupy Philly have made it clear, they are going to be there until they get answers.  This is whats missing in the problem with our inner-city youth that are getting in trouble with the law and creating problems in their communities.  The folks at Occupy Philly could help solve this problem by simply mentoring these youth.  Maybe we should send these kids down there after school to spend time with these highly educated protesters. 
  • They could give one-on-one mentoring from their makeshift city within their city.
  • They could teach them better survival skills that doesn't involve violence.
  • They could teach them how to live amongst strangers from all nationalities.
  • They could get a better understanding of the working class as they watch Philadelphians headed to work daily.
  • They could observe the homeless sleeping underneath their Occupy Philly city although they once lived on top.
However we must tell these inner-city youth that the cell phones, cardboard, markers, tents, clothes, coffee, food and anything else they are utilizing comes from cooperate America.  They must also understand EXACTLY what their protest is about; we want them to develop into leaders, not followers.  We must also introduce or at least point out the leader of Occupy Philly.  They need to know who they are being led by.

Just a Thought!  This can be done in any of the city that have similar protest.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

FREE CASH for parents!

As the summer has closed, another school year has begun, and the holidays are right around the corner, I have discovered a way for you to get FREE CA$H.  The free cash offer will take a little work and some deep soul searching however once you get the end result, the FREE CASH will feel good in your pockets, where it belongs.  You don't have to be a parent to take part in this offer, you can be an aunt, uncle, friend, god-parent however sisters and brothers are not allowed.....they will mess this up.

Here are the steps to FREE CA$H:
  1. Make sure the kids are going to be away from their home for an extended period of time.
  2. Get some gloves and put on some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty in.
  3. SEARCH every inch of their room.
  4. Confiscate all drugs and weapons found.
Once you have completed the search, confront the kid about what you have or have not found.
If you haven't found anything, let them know you searched their room in YOUR house.  Yes this will be "an invasion of their privacy" however it will also put them on notice that you are paying attention.

What if you find something, thats easy, sell it......NO dont sell it, drugs, get rid of them where no one else can get to them ever.  Weapons turn them in on gun voucher days that the local Police Departments sponsor.  FREE CA$H

To sum this up, if you are paying attention at home, then the likelyhood of your kids bringing drugs and weapons home decreases.  This also decreases their chances of having them in the street.

Where's my FREE CA$H
Think about how much it cost to take time off work, post bail, hire a lawyer, put money on their books while incarcerated, go to court in an attempt to beat the case, if guilty now YOU are paying fines, resitution, and court costs.  If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who has been through this situation.

There's your FREE CA$H.

Happy Holiday's

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just A Thought: Racism ain't so bad!

Just A Thought: Racism ain't so bad!: Ignorance works in your favor more than you think, so does racism. I witnessed it first-hand years ago through close family. It went down ...

Racism ain't so bad!

Ignorance works in your favor more than you think, so does racism.  I witnessed it first-hand years ago through close family.  It went down like this:  They moved into a nice Philadelphia neighborhood in 2003, there kids were well behaved and honorable.  The wife kept the interior/exterior of the home magnificent and still does today.  They have some of the most wonderful neighbors in the world that treated them that way from day one.

However before this family moved into their neighborhood, there was a secret meeting amongst a few of the concerned neighbors.  There concern was-what are we going to do when that minority family moves in and why are they selling their house to them?  The first ignorant thought- the property value would sink.  Next it was the concern of the minority families visitors.  Then it was, I didn't move here to live next to them.  The concern amongst the FEW ignorant neighbors was not reflective of the neighborhood as a whole.  The ignorant neighbors plot to keep the minorities out failed.  Enough said....this is America!

Racism ain't so bad!
Due to all of the ignorant neighbors concerns, the minority family was able to move in without any further incidents.  This also led to FREE security!  FREE SECURITY, yes, FREE SECURITY!  For the next four (4) years the ignorant neighbors spent most of their free time watching the minority family's house, cars, and kids.  This meant the minority family could leave their house and cars unlocked because the ignorant neighbors knew who was supposed to come and go.  They also knew if the minority kids had a party or friends over when the parents weren't home, a call to the Police and other neighbors would stop that action.  This was awesome for the minority family however it was somewhat ruined when the ignorant family got their home burglarized by one of their fellow ignorants.  Unfortunately this led to the end of the FREE SECURITY and the minority family is now going to have to pay for an Alarm system.....DAM!

The moral of this blog is: If you want free security, be the first minority to move in your neighborhood.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flashmob Alert!

I have the answer to the flashmob problem in Philadelphia.  My Uncle, from Alabama, call me and told me what to do.  His message was pretty simple....."Beat them kids".  Now that was a harsh statement based on today's society however I have been told many times by my parents, relatives, and a few neighbors that I was close to getting a beating.  Heck, I did recieve a few beatings :) I was never able to call any helplines to report these loving folks because if the police showed up, they were going to beat me to.  Anyway back to the solution.

My uncle said we should have the A.R.T. I was thinking the same thing....the A.R.T.  The Azzwhooping Response Team.  Their duties would simply be to patrol areas of the city were youth have become a major issue.  They would give the deserving attention to youth who are out causing problems, while making a bad name for their families and friends.  These men would be able to have a few beers before, during, and after their patrol along with being given a pass by the Police Department.   The A.R.T. can be from any neighborhood and do not have to be related to any of these youths.  Their only weapon would be the belts holding their pants up.  I remember like yesterday, Friday/Saturday night my uncles all loved to have a few beers and would not allow me to be part of any Flashmob or flash anything.  If you did something crazy, it was back up in an alley and not out in the open to be flashy let alone part of any Flashmob.

I was asked, what is making these kids act this way?  Is it a new form of bullying?  Why are the Police and City Government being blamed for these kids behavior? 

How crazy is this?  Everyone is screaming the City and Police need to do something.....lets see, Friday night at 9pm you allow youth/kids/children to leave the house and venture out in the streets, where you have already complained about the shootings and violent crimes-The Police are dealing with that.  Then you do what?  Next its 10pm and the news comes on, kids have posted on YouTube a Flashmob beating, your still blaming who, before you go where ever?  How many places can the Police be on Friday night and when do we take ANY blame for our youth/Flashmob problem. 

Kind of makes you wonder if during the early 80's when "Baby Mamas" was born if they gave birth to these kids who had kids?

My solution is, Every Friday and Saturday night around 8:30 p.m. find out where your family, friends, and neighbors kids are.  Find something for them to do, even if its just sitting in front of your house playing loud music.  At least you will know where they are.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We didn't need the NFL, we have the NDBL!

I have spent a lot of time doing studies and presentations on childhood Bullying.  This subject has been seemingly straight forward, so I thought, until I took a closer look at the reality show line-ups on television.  I had no idea there were so many Real Housewives, Desperate Housewives, Basketball Wives, Rock star Wives, Mob Wives, and etc, you get the point.  Earlier that morning, I scarily woke from my sleep wondering was I married to one of these types or if we were raising one.  I had no real way of knowing the answer, as I sat up shaking and sweating like I woke up at the Jersey Shore being told "Snookie want smush-smush!"  I now had to find a way to understand where these types of came from....then it came to me....the WDBL; Womans Developemental Bully League. 
Yes, the WDBL was a league of girls being developed on several levels in hopes of making the "Big Time".  These girls have a better chance of using their Bully tactics and not end up in jail like boys.  These girls come in all shapes, sizes, ages, color, and beauty levels.  These girls all seem to have one characteristics that is the same: lack of attention.  What does that mean, "Lack of attention?"  I means they haven't been told or shown love or they just haven't made the "Switch retrieval walk"
The other question is: What how do they or don't they make the WDBL?  The answers are easy show them some attention and don't let them be a Bully or part of a Bully Group.  The following is the list if qualifications required to join the WDBL:

  • Bully- past or present.  This is the most important characteristic.
  • Female-single preferred although as long a someone can watch them during the season it o.k.
  • Race-all races preferred because everyone may be made to look the same
  • Looks-that will not matter, unless you are extremely overweight.  Everyone will hit the make-up truck each day during the season to get: hair, nails, and make-up done 
  • Finances-none required, all of your needs will be taken care of during the season
  • Hometown-doesn't matter, you and your crew will all be from the same place unless you need to slap one of them, then you will need to gangsterly rep yo city.
  • Education-when has that EVER mattered?
  • Alcohol consumption-must be able to drink all day
  • Religion-that only matters when you're asking for forgiveness after a fight
OK we have established the league requirements for acceptance on a team.  So how do I find entrance into the league, easy just be one of the WDBL teams in real life.  Don't rack your brain too hard, even if your baby girl does not make it on television, she is still a member in the league. By the looks of these shows its not too hard to join the league, just a few other girls willing to be on the same level. 
Here comes the bad news, there is no real retirement from this league: financially, physically, or mentally.  Therefore I am coming up with the new league in a few weeks to deal with the woman that were/are able to retire from the WDBL.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who gave birth to the 1st "Baby Momma"?

Jerry Springer hit the airwaves hard back in the day and that is when I believe the first sightings of Baby Mamma's became public.  Or were they already around and we just hadn't given them titles.  In the early 80's if a woman got pregnant they sent her down south to live with family.
By the way that's also the same place a lot of people sent their mentally and physically challenged kids to live.  Even worse, when I was a kid,` that mentally challenged relative lived in the shed or the little room at the back of the house.
Anyway, when you got pregnant, without a husband, you didn't get the cute title: "Baby Mama".  You also didn't get a baby shower and a tattoo with your Baby Daddy's name, you got yelled at and reminded that your parents were not going to raise this kid.  Your father was the last one to be notified of this unplanned pregnancy because he would be ready to go and kick your Baby Daddy's azz.  After crying and then cursing you out, your mother gave you the "time to step your game up" lecture.  Again, your pregnancy was not celebrated, it was looked upon as disbelief.  Oh, I almost forgot, some of you young ladies were guided to the alter to marry that young man. 
I am in no way speaking bad about any of you single mothers however I think you should understand the difference in being a single mother versus being a Baby Mamma.  That title has no prestige or heritage and does not make you the crowned jewel of the neighborhood.  Instead it makes you a good candidate for the or  
Maybe we should be asking our young women and men if they want or can put a stop to the Baby Mammas of the world?  Maybe we should really show them what a single mother is or was?  Or just maybe theses young men can be guided in a direction where they don't allow themselves to put themselves or anyone else in the position of BABY MAMMA! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dr. Watson's CyberOffice: Easter Equals Money in the Bank

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is College Really for Everyone?

I woke up this morning at got out of bed to start my day.  I currently do not have a college degree however I do own my house and car.  I left my house and drove to work, not before I stopped at the 7-Eleven to get a newspaper and energy drink.  The guy at the register was very help full and gave me correct change in a quick manner.  Also on my way in I drove past one of the City Sanitation yards full of trucks and workers starting their days.  I saw a few Police Officers in Patrol Cars, I also stopped to get gas at the full service-I'm lazy.  The gas station attendant was another great person who was able to do his job in an expedient manner. 

The last working person I saw on the way into my building was the Parking Attendant. Why does this matter?  In 1987, I remember a guy that was doing the same job without a College Degree.  This guy worked that job and took pride in his position.  He never complained about anything and today works two (2) AWESOME jobs.  Although this guy does not have a College Degree, he is working towards getting it.

Why am I saying all of this?  What if the 7-Eleven, Trash-man, and Parking Attendant all had College Degrees?  Would these guys put as much effort in their current positions to give you the great service you currently get?  Would you pay more to receive items at their respective companies? 

If everyone had a College Degree, what would this world really be like?  What is a reasonable amount of people that should be allowed NOT to have a degree?  Imagine if your Barber, Hair Stylist, Car Wash Attendant, Restaurant Server, and/or Sanitation Worker had a College Degree.  Would you be able to afford their services or would you be able to treat them the way you do today?

I don't have a College Degree and wonder what I would be like if I had one?  I'm going to find out and let you all know.

What do YOU think???

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cell phones made kids CRAZY!

These kids/young adults are CA-RAY-ZEE!  It is all of our fault, we should have never gave them cell phones.  No, I am not saying you raised them wrong, because I am sure I will fit into this writing one way or another. 

Today's generation has no real communication skills or patience, everything has to be now and is not very thought out.  Think about this: you are 12 years old, just finished up an extracurricular activity at school, church, community center, or wherever.  Your parents told you they would pick you up because they were going to run some errands while you were at the practice, they paid for.  You walk mom or dad.  What did you do:
  • Pull your cell phone out and call them........NO
  • Catch a ride with someone else.................NO
  • Go get the coach......................................NO
  • Go inside and call your house....................NO
  • Leave the location and start walking home.NO.....and make them look for you.....hell-to-the-NO
You see, without a cell phone, you had to understand their were instructions left for you and you had to be patient until the task was complete, even if that meant you sat and starved to death waiting on them to pick you up.  Without a cell phone, you had to properly ASK for things in a correct text message.  You also realized, in order to get things a certain amount of communication was required and often times you had to wait until your parents/adults where home or in your presence. 

Although my mother has a cell phone, my kids, nephews and nieces cant call her and get an immediate answer to most of their request.  My mom hits them with, "Wait til I get home and I will call you back"......patience.  On the other hand, when she calls us, she is going to get an immediate answer.....real respect. 

Lets try this:  take their cell phones, iPads, and, laptops for a week.  This will force them to learn some communication skills and patience.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Attention Gangwar: Take your (grown) kids and grandkids to the beach!

The last time I was down the shore, it noticed something really unusual; I did not see Gangwar anywhere.  I was completely puzzled because I saw a lot of older gentlemen from the Jersey shore/Tri-state area but no Gangwar.  Then it hit me.....Gangwar, his (grown) kids, and his grandkids were back in the hood.  I wondered to myself, if we could do something to send a message to these three (3) generations maybe some of these folks eyes would open up to the rest of the world. 

The beauty and unpredictability of the world is reflective of the beach.  The beach has sand, water, fish, sharks, whales, ships to admire from afar and up close.  All of these things have unknown origins however a little exploration will lead you to the roots.  You can sit and enjoy the ocean from the beach however at certain times in the day, the tide ebbs and flows.  The tide causes the sand to sink below the ocean, leading the beach goer to move to another location, rise, or elevate themselves.

The problem with Gangwar and his generations that follow may be the lack of exploration.  If you are not exposed to anything other than whats on the next corner or past the corner store you will be burried by the ocean and sand. 

So I propose this to Gangwar:  This summer take your generations, that you created, to the Beach. 

Gangwar you have to follow the below rules:
  1. Everyone must have their pants pulled up.
  2. You must spend the night.
  3. You may not drink or bring Malt Liquor or Weed.
  4. Everyone must spend at least three (3) hours on the beach, together.
  5. You must explain as I have explained the beach and ocean.
  6. You must have a conversation with the people around you.
  7. You cannot bring Big Mama, she needs a break from all of y'all.
  8. You cannot go to the beach in Atlantic City.
  9. You have to take everyone to dinner at a nice restaurant.
  10. Lastly, you have to bring Big Mama home some taffy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Keep your kids out of jail; make them get a switch!

I remember, like it was 5 minutes ago, doing something crazy that led me to the tree in the back yard to retrieve a "Switch".  Not just any switch, it had to be big enough to keep me from getting locked up later in life.  OK, maybe you don't have family from the South and don't know what a switch is?  A switch is a smaller branch off of a tree or bush in your yard, that is both for decoration and descipline.  If you went out there and pulled a little branch off of the tree, when you came back in, it was closely examined for: length, strength, and rememberance.  If you grabbed one that did not fit the criteria, you were sent back for another one, if that didn't work, the sender would return with the branch.  Once the correct switch was now in the hands of your momma, big momma, or nanna it was time for the beating/whooping to begin.  Let me not forget my father, who had the biggest belt in the world that came off of his waist like a warrior.

The beating was out of love and it lasted long enough to leave a lasting impression on you and you would still feel the sting later that evening.  I remember always feeling it when they made you take a bath that night.  I also remember after getting a whooping, I was also talked to and it was explained what I did wrong and why it would not be excepted or exceptable behavior.  Funny thing...Child Care Services NEVER came to any of my friends houses growing up that got whoopings.  I remember being in the 5th grade, acting up in class, and my teacher threw me out of class.  I just knew I was right, until my mother showed up with a belt and beat my behind in class.  That was the last time I ever disrespected an adult.

Fast forward to my teen years when most boys get in trouble.  As I look back now, I can clearly see some of my friends that got in trouble with the law, most of them never made the switch retrieval walk like my family was exposed to. 

I look at my early 20's, when I was out on my parents house, and can still remember looking over my shoulder everytime I did something stupid, hoping my folks didn't see what I was doing, for fear of a whooping. 

Today, I wonder if we really disciplined our kids would we really have these problems?  Would a kid be up on the corner holding a beer, smoking a blunt, or have his underwear showing if they had to make the "Switch retrieval walk?"  Would we go up to the schools and FIGHT the teachers or tell them not to talk to our kids like that?  Would your neighbor be able to discipline your kids without you calling them out for a fight?  Would we really need to have an Award Winning educator, Hilderbrand Pelzer III to create a program providing instructions on how to educate incarcerated youth? These are all questions that you should ask yourself, neighbors, friends, and family? 

Questiong: Did the beating really help me or hurt me?
Answer?  I don't know, ask my family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Stop Snitching" that's when I "Start Snitching"!

"Stop Snitching" or "Snitches Get Stitches" give me a break!  This is one of the "codes of the street" that is laughable.  I tell you what, last year 85% of the Homicide trials in Philadelphia ended up with convictions.  I wont even mention the MASSES of guys getting lighter Federal Sentences based on the cooperation.  OK, so you think that means nothing, how about this, "1st one in tells the best story".  That's the way it really works.  Don't believe me, ask anyone who has been locked up for crimes involving them and a crew.  They will all say the same thing, so-and-so was picked up first and told on everybody.  Or, they will say, the cops grabbed me first and I keep it 100 (No snitching), but the rest of the crew was out for themselves and gave me up.  Not convinced?

What about crimes that happen in the street that aren't solved?  That's another issue in itself and this only happens in certain neighborhoods.  Remember, we live in an imperfect world and not every crime is going to be solved, no matter where you live.  "Stop Snitching" or "Snitches Get Stitches" is nothing new to most crime-plagued neighborhoods and it is not a race issue.  You look at any race and realize there has always been a certain code, watch the Godfather movies as a reference point.  However, I will say a few years back this was a problem for Law Enforcement; intimidation of witnesses, from harassment up to murder.  This has since subsided although there will always be a certain amount of noncooperation in crime-plagued communities. 

I suggest we have a national "Stop Snitching Representatives Day".  On that day everyone who believes in the stop snitching code should wear a Purple Hat, Shirt, and Pants.  This way everyone in every neighborhood will know who will not help you, your grandmother, mom, sister, or brother out when they are accidentaly shot in one of the senseless gun battles brought on about nothing.  This will also give you a chance to recognize their outwardly cowardly ways.  The average corner boy will be too afraid to really show his true colors and if he does, we will know who he/she really is.  This will also give the working class people in the neighborhood an upper edge on who to avoid.  Lastly anyone that wears the colors is not allowed to call 911 when they become the victim of a crime and the working class people in the community are not required to help them

Although this sounds sinister, lets keep it real 100 because I've "Start Snitching" every chance I get.  Currently, I am involved in Bullying Presentations directed toward the youth and it is surprising to see how many of them believe "Stop Snitching".  It is also amazing to see the looks on the faces once they are told the "1st one in tells the best story" scenario.  That is why I "Start Snitching" to try give the youth who are now without Big Mamma and Gangwar for guidance.  I never heard Big Mamma say or condone "Stop Snitching" for two (2) reasons; you would have been in the house when the street lights came on and you were taught to respect your neighbor.

Stay away from Sam Turner because he will "Start Snitching" if anything gets out of line!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Straight Men BEWARE! The Female DOWNLOW Label Squad is after YOU!

FELLAS look out!  There is a Squad of females: Female Downlow Label Squad (FDLLS) out there running around labeling any MAN who doesn't show them the kind of attention they think they deserve a "Downlow Brother."  This is not restricted to any race it is restricted to MEN.  Under no circumstances am I going to knock anyone sexual preference, whatever you're in to is what you're in to.  I wake up and live with my preference!  I have never been scared of anything, however the FDLLS has me constantly looking over my shoulder every time I am in public, on the phone, sending an email, in church, posting a blog, standing in line at the grocery store.....the list goes on but the FDLLS is everywhere. 

I am trying to understand how this all started?  When I was younger, Big Mama would have never said anyone was on the "downlow" they would have been just called "Sissies" and that would have been the end of story.  When I was growing up your sexual preference was no ones business until you hit the bedroom.  However, now the FDLLS has taken it a step further by labeling any man who has changed their view of how he treats women and what type of attention he shows them.  The FDLLS has gotten so vicious with it that we no longer have that group of guys around that once were labeled "Dogs" because of the way they dogged out women.  Maybe that's were it all started? 

My father never taught me how to be a dog; he showed me how to be a man and treat women with respect.  This is probably were it all went wrong.  Pop should have let me dog out women and walk around bragging about the number of them I got it in with. 

Fellas lets end this now start back down the Dog Trail, it seems we were better off then.  The FDLLS must be stopped!  I have to now warn my son of the FDLLS, he is young and has a chance to escape them.  Am I gonna have to find a way to reverse the way he treats women?  What would Big Mamma Do, because she didn't teach her girls or show her girls how to get involved in the FDLLS. 

Gangwar, you have allowed the FDLLS to develope into a stronghold on my generation and now its time for you to Man-Up.  If you would have kept up in the game and kept up your Dog ways, the FDLLS would just be happy getting what you were giving.  Now they have power because they had to raise kids and believe "I can do bad all by myself."  OK now I understand.....that's where the FDLLS get their roots, "I can do bad all by myself" and since your by yourself, all the men that ignore them are on the DownLow.  Why else would we be labeled that way?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Temple University ran us out of North Philly-just ask "Gangwar"!

North Philadelphia is a beautiful neighboorhood enriched in Philadelphia History.  Cecil B. Moore avenue, which runs through Temple University, is a prime example.  This street is named after an great black attorney who was not to be messed with in the Philadelphia Criminal Justice System.  One look at his mural says it all- cool, charasmatic, and decisive.  He is one of many former and current great North Philadelphians that have survived another neighborhood turnover.  This seems to have taken place throughout the city, however North Philly's turnover is highly recognized and debated by many.

I was driving through North Philly aka Northside the other night and saw all these students walking around 16th and Diamond St.  I could not believe my eyes....students walking from Broad street across Diamond to 16th street.  This was at 2:00 a.m. on a Friday night.  What the heck were they doing there, in late 80's early 90's they would not have been anywhrere near 16th and Diamond street, especially that time of the morning. 

I had to find out for myself, what were they doing walking through "Northside" that time of the morning?  I got out of my car and approached the 5 students.  They told me they lived at 17th and Sesquhanna St and were on their way home from the party at their friends and fellow students house at 17th and Berks St via the McDonalds on Broad st......this was 2:00 a.m.  All of them went to high school outside the city and currently attended Temple University.  They also told me, the house they were renting was through a private landlord and their rent is paid from their tution, loans and/or their parents.  I got back in my car and scratched my head in disbelief.  In the late 80's and early 90's, that time of the morining, they would not have pulled such a stunt becuase "Gangwar" would not have allowed that unless they were on their way to cop some drugs. 

Still in disbelief, I set out to find Gangwar to get the real story.  Although Gangwar was somewhat elusive, I was able to locate him.  Gangwar told me "Temple is taking over North Philly".  I asked him how him they let that happend and he explained it like this,  "Temple ran us out of here."  I also asked him what happened to Big Mammas house and he said they (him and his siblings) sold it to this dude, and they got a good price.  He also said they did this because, The City ran the taxes up too high for them to pay and the house was falling apart.  These answers were not enough for me, so I decided to attempt to find an answer myself.  I asked a Real Estate Investor and friend of mine if he knew what happened?  Although my friend owns properties througout Philly, he does not own any around Temple for two (2) reasons, 1. He didnt have the money to buy the larger houses 2. He did not have the money to fix up the "shells" or delapitated properties that were left over or behind from the days of the North Philly flight.

I also looked at a map of Temple University housing and did not find any properties they owned or have been recently built that once belongs to a private residence.  Another strange thing was the last few mayors spent a lot of time campaining in North Philly.  Shouldn't someone have stepped up and spoke up about the alleged take-over by Temple of North Philly?

What in the world happened around to the area aound Temples' Campus in North Philly? 

I believe it went like this:
  • Crack Cocaine hit the streets!
  • Gangwar started selling crack to anyone, including the beautiful women who were supposed to turn into Big Mammas some day.
  • Gangwar started having extra babies because of all the status and ca$h he had.
  • Gangwars baby-mommas started rolling with Gangwar while Big Mamma was left raising the kids.
Then things went bad like this:
  • Gangwar started getting locked up and smoking crack himself.
  • Gangwar couldn't financially keep up with his baby-mammas.
  • Gangwar introduced his baby-mammas and half the women in the hood to crack to support his own habit...what a punk.
  • The crack-addicted Baby-mommas started getting locked up as well.
  • Big Momma got old and moved into assisted living, leaving the house to the grown kids and her alleged grown grandbabies.
  • The house started to fall apart and everyone was pointing the finger at each other for financial responsibility.
  • Mortgages were given out to everyone with a job, leading to the financially responsible people in Big Mammas house to move.
  • Gangwar could not keep up with the repairs to Big Mammas house and decided to make some moves to clear her name.....he wanted to do something noble?
  • GANGWAR and his sibling sold the houses to Private Investors.
This is where and how it all began, Just ask Gangwar.  Little did the North Phillians know, Temple University was able to extend their housing off campus becuase of these actions.  However there is some cloudiness on how investors knew to make a move as Temple began to grow.  Even now, Investors are still trying to buy ANY houses.  I found this sign hanging up at 16th and Dauphin street.

The question is-Did Private Investors take over North Philly or did Temple University?  I dont have the answer, you tell me. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NICE Tattoo! I'm 16 and did it all by myself?

Well, well, did a great job raising your kids thus far, so why are we getting mad about that tattoo?  What's the big deal? You have one or maybe a few yourself and depending how old you are your folks have them to.  Both of the Turner parents have a tattoo and hold down respectable CAREERS.  So when your kids come home with tattoo(s) don't get mad, think about your tattoo(s). 

Think about why you're really mad:
  • Is it because they got one and you haven't got one or where too scared?
  • Did they pay less money for theirs?
  • Does it look better than yours?
  • Did they go to a reputable tattoo parlor or from their down the street in their friends basement that learned their trade in prison or from someone who was in prison?
  • OR that the tattoo is on their neck, face, hands or somewhere else completely visible on their bodies.
What the heck do you do know?  Pray and beat the living daylights out of them....NO, DON'T DO THAT.  Just pray and start helping them prepare for the future.  With a visible tattoo on your face and neck, they will not be in an upfront position in the business world.  They don't all have to be the french fry person at Mickie-Dees, a respectable job, at 45 years old.  They can get into arts programs and schools.  They all won't be able to rap and sing however they can be producers.  They can also become tattoo artist or get into the construction trade....there are career goals they can choose.  Or they can simply live off either you, gangwar, and big momma-one or all of ya'll.

Maybe we should start taking another approach to the tattoo subject with the kids that don't have them.  Lets start talking to them about the reasons not to get a tattoo and the time when to get a tattoo.   Part of the problem is that we are constantly telling them no, without a reason not to or any instructions on how to.  If you don't Gucci Mane will show them how.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Did "Gangwar" kill "Big Mamma"

Years ago everyone had wonderful grandparents.  They were caring, eager to listen, full of life, and well respected.  The grandfather could always be remembered or viewed as the person who was the bread winner and the hardest working man in the family.  Grandpa or Pappy was also the Head of the family.  Grandma, Granny, Gram, or "Big Mamma" was always deemed the BEST cook in the world; Sunday or Holidays proved that.  Her house was always kept immaculate and no one was allowed to play in the living room.  All of her daughters knew how to grocery shop, cook, and clean their house or where at least taught how to.  She was the best budgeterian and could make a dollar out of fifteen cents.

When I look at the makeup of family trees today, there is no "Big Mamma".  A lot of these women do not fit the mold for being "Big Mamma".  I am constantly trying to put my finger on the reason why she disappeared?  I am wondering how to bring her back?  I believe the person responsible for the disappearance of "Big Mamma" is "Gangwar".  Yes Gangwar killed "Big Mamma" with his own disappearance. 

When I was growing up my grandparents were old and retired.  I could not even think of my momma and grandma at the club together.  I also couldn't see them wearing the same clothes and drinking the same kind of drinks.  My grandmothers went to church and played bingo. 

Take a quick look at the structure of the family tree now-Grandma is 48, Mommas are 32, and Grand babies are up to 16 years old.  There is not much of a distance between the generations.  When Gangwar and his Baby Mammas started making babies in the early 80's he began to kill off "Big Mamma".  Remember Gangwar was not going to fit the mold of Grandfather, especially because he was out selling drugs, or smoking crack, or getting locked up or just missing.  Momma wasn't a big help either, because she was out with Gangwar helping him do the same or trying to buy the latest designer clothes.  This left Big Mamma to raise a generation she normally would not have.  When mamma finally returned from the streets, it was without Gangwar, and she was not gonna be nobodies "Big Mamma" becuase she was too young.  Furthermore in order to be Big Mamma, you needed a husband, and Gangwar did not have the life or work experience to have a Big Mamma.  Gangwar wasn't built to be a husband; he couldn't provide for himself, how was he going to provide for anyone else? 

Although Gangwar killed "Big Mamma" he did keep her house for a little while....until he killed that to.  Gangwar I love you dog, but you screwed a lot of things up with your nonsense.

So yes "Gangwar" did kill "Big Mamma".

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mr. Sam--Who Lost Your Last Name?

I remain young even as my birth certificate continues to get old.  I view myself as a respected man in my home, at work, and in my community.  I have introduced myself so many times to people from all walks of life and from all age groups.  This may seem like a boring thought but what is wrong with my last name.  I hold my last name with a lot of reverence, it was my fathers, my fathers father, my fathers uncle, and my great uncles. 

Why are these kids calling me "Mr. Sam", first of all my first name is Samuel and my friends call me Sam.  While I enjoy kids and think its great they are at least using the word Mister.  It concerns me that none of them bother with the last names of adults.

I have come to the conclusion, "Gangwar" started having a lot of kids and was not around.  When this happened, kids were being raised by women who had overnight men that they did not completely introduce to their kids.  These kids began to call the overnight men by their first names although utilizing Mister.  The moms may have wanted to keep these mens idenentities secret for a number of reasons however the kids became confused.  This led to a stand up father and married man such as myself being lumped in with the confusion "Gangwar" left behind. 

"Gangwar" if you were not going to be in your kids lives, at least make sure they knew your last name.  Even if you were not around make sure the baby mammas were not put in the position of no support.  We know "Crack Cocaine" was making you crazy from your dealing and selling however it made these kids crazy to.

Its not just the womans fault.  Some of the "Players" from back in the day did not want their true identities revealled either.  So yes, it was okay to call the overnight "Player" mommy brought home to be call Mr. Mike.  Or did having too many baby daddy's make it that much harder to utilize last names?  I am not blaming the women for this; I am blaming a generation for this.

You guys messed it up for me.  Before I could even get kids to call me Mr. Turner, the 80's stole that from me.  I want my last name back.  Yes my kids have my last name, yes my wife has my last name.

So the question is...."Who lost my last name, when or how do I get it back?"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Gangwar" will stop youth violence!

The youth today have missed out on the level of authoritive males that used to rule the streets.  These males did not openly drink beer, smoke pot, or openly disrespect their neighborhoods with self serving issues.  These males would fight to control the actions of all the youth in the neighborhood and kept out the nonesense.  This all was common in the 70's and early in the 80's until Crack Cocaine wiped these men out.  These men were the guys who would go out and "Gangwar".  They would go out and protect their community and their stake in the community as a group, it was called gangwaring.  These men were in their early 20's up to the late 30's, you knew who they were because they took no crap off anyone and were respected by the teens.  Please don't think I applaud the efforts of this gangwar thing however I don't remember any of my older relatives burrying any of my relatives that got accidently "caught in the crossfire."  These guys knew how to fight with their hands, not with guns.  I dare say none of the youth at that time would have had the stones to be around any of those guys with a gun, unless they wanted it taken. 
Today some of these men are still around however they are now called "Old Heads".  I refuse to call them "Old Heads" instead I am going to keep calling them "Gangwar" because if some of the youth today recognized what they did and how they did it, maybe we wont have to see anymore people caught up in these "youngstas" nonesense.  Maybe these youths will put down guns and pick up anything that will help the positively organize.
By the way in the 70's those same youth had to respect "Gangwar" because they knew he and his crew were not to be messed with.  You see, Crack Cocaine not only kills people and destroys a community, it wiped out a level of security in that same community.......just ask "Gangwar"